LQP Papers

Preprint archive devoted exclusively to articles in the field of Local Quantum Physics

All our ps.gz files (1997-2003) are corrupted. Please refer to the arXiv.

Please submit your paper by email to papers @ lqp.uni-goettingen.de

Just provide the following data in plain text in the body of the mail:

authorlist: ...... (mandatory)
title: ........... (mandatory)
abstract: ........ (desirable)
arxiv.org/abs/yymm.nnnn.. (recommended)

If you don't submit your paper to the arX-ives, please place your paper in PostScript-format in the attachment.

Updates (replacements) can be processed only with the LQP paper number provided!

Please inform also S.J.Summers (email: sjs @ math.ufl.edu), to help him keep his bibliography up-to-date.

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